Updates 2/3/15

 The following updates were made yesterday.

  • Feel the Love quest series
  • Valentine's Day Gift Collect Event
  • Valentine's Day items
  • Valentine's Day themed Spin game
  • New Animated Dish: Wobbly Bubbly
  • Fast Cooking Stoves in the Limited Sale
  • Bug Fix: Visiting Task


hi there. The new quest is great if it was working. I have sent and received the items for the quest but none are showing up in the actual quest part. SO far I have 0 items and that isn't true. Who do I ask for help?

The timer on the Valentine's Day Gift Collect Event (with the heart icon) isn't working properly. I have already lost 2 days on the timer counter. I have asked some other neighbours and they seem to have the same problem too. Can someone fix this please.

hi... i would like to ask why did you guys remove the stuff that was from the valentines new items so fast... i was going to buy some stuff that i love in that theme but when you change it to Chinese new year theme everything has been removed from the previous theme... why is that??? Is there anyway that you can bring back those items from the last valentines day theme... hoping from a quick respond... :)

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