Updates - 2/4/15


Today's Updates:

* Added search bar for both neighbors and Fashland friends.

* Added Valentine's day items.

* Added Valentine's day seasonal quest (04.02 - 14.02)

* Added 80's Disco theme Bingo game (04.02 - 18.02)

* Added "Surprise" seasonal quest :) (14.02 - 25.02) - you'll love it!

* Added "Surprise" Fashion Slots game :) (18.02 - 04.03) - you'll love it!

* Added new quests for higher level players. - More quests will be added.

* Added Cooking Tale game banner inside Mailbox.

* Added Vote and Top 10 buttons to the Menu near friendslider.

* Fixed the listing problems in Country and Neighbors Fash Cup lists.

***Important Notice : Select all option has been enabled for all ask friend popups. This is a temporary study case for game analysts. It's not a bug or a glitch, it's a planned thing for all Gamegos games. It will be disabled after completing the required research.

Great update!
Can you just please tell me how many Mila and Gloria quests have been added? and in what level is the last one? thank you :)

Can't wait for the "surprise" quest and game!! :D

Hi Jenn,

Mila quests have been added so there is 1 every 3 levels until level 194.
Gloria quests have been added so that there is now 1 every level from 213-220 and 1 quest every 5 levels from 220 to 280.

Hope this clarifies.


When will Simone's quests be updated?

it does! thank you very much! :)

Scarlet, there is no current plan for Simone's quests. If you'd like to see more promotion stands or have a different idea for Simone, maybe you can start a thread in Suggestions.

You're welcome, Jenn!


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