We're Adding More Quests

 Good news, advanced players! We're working on new quests for those of you above level 180. I'll keep you posted on when to expect them, and in the mean time, please reply with comments/suggestions/ideas about what kind of quests you'd like to play at those high levels!


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 sounds great..... I'd like to see more quests, that offer to unlock some of the new

food items,it takes so long to make enough cash to unlock the new ones.,.

Also, I'd love to see Experience points like one or two with each visits,,it' helps level up.

I'm over level 300 those new items say I need more Ex.points and cash to unlock,them.

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What kind of  quests are you going to give us?  You already have some ridiculous quests like 100 parties, cook 25 one-day dishes when we only have 24 stoves. I think there was a 100 dish, 30 dish. 20 dish in one goal.

Do you plan to let us have more stoves?

Do you plan to increase the rewards?  Current rewards are between 2000 and 10,000 XP, 1,000,000 coinbs,  Rewards need to be higher as in 25-50 cafe dollars, additional stoves, unlocking new dishes, etc.

Please do not turn this game into a Cafe World because they made the stakes so high that it was impossible to keep up without cheating,  I didn't cheat; that's why I thought there were too many quests and I coulldn 't keep up.   Every time i complained about the overload of quests, support's answer was always "other players are demanding more quests."  Perhaps a small handful wanted more quests because they had a way of completing them quickly.  For example, I noticed one person completing three missions in less than 4 hours with a total of two helpers.  That's a horrendous task when you have 699, 599, 499 dishes to cook, especially when one dish was a 2-day dish and the maximum stoves you can have was 36. Many of the players I talked to said  too many quests and many left.  No one told me they wanted more quests.

If you actually add more quests, you need to give us a larger incentive to do them, such as larger rewards, more stoves (or not put in more than 24 dishes to cook).  I can live with more of the current 12-day quests. At least it doesn't require the use of all 24 stoves so I can do more than on e quest at a time.

Thank you for listening.

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Quests which unlock new food items or upgrade stoves/stoves with additional burners would be a good idea.  Many people enjoy catering provided the jobs can be completed within a reasonable period of time with the allowable number of stoves and offer a worthwhile reward such as a new food item.  Many people are not fond of the party goals, so I would not be in favor of adding any more of those unless they offer rewards such as hearts, sauces, or some other item - food/decor.  Increasing rewards - cash, coins, hearts for accomplishing advanced goals would also be a good idea.  Thank you!

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It would be nice if you all had catering, goal for ultra stoves and increase more stoves!

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It takes sometime to get to that level 180, I think it should be 100/150 and above. A serve all button in the gift box would be great. Also quicker ways to make cash, and make those foods you have to buy be part of quest rewards.


It would be nice if you gave each stove more burners for cooking. Like 4 per stove that way it cuts down on the space it takes up in the cafe. The limit of 24 stoves is not practical, especially in the upper levels when quests sometimes require 30-50 dishes at a time.  Also I'd like to see the holiday or special occasion items come out sooner than they have been. I'd like to also see more clothing options for the avatar, ie, accessories, hats and more holiday themed outfits.

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quests for more cash, and rapid chili sauce, special decorations, exclusive stoves that cook at faster rates would all be nice


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Quests to do after 180 that are not timed. A way we can serve as many dishes as we want with one click. More rapid chili sauces given for rewards in taste challenge and cafe cash! Just some ideas! Thank you!!

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I like the cooking quests that give you cash or hearts!!  I am not a fan of the quests that you have to collect party favors for, i.e. confetti and party hats as I have had to use up all my hearts to get these done in order to collect coins.  Catering jobs are also one of my favorites!!

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Quests to unlock food items and not so many things that require cash; we have have 100s of 1000s of coins just lying around collecting dust.  Afraid to spend "hearts" on anything -- never can tell when the price of things will spiral out of control.


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This post is about 1 year old and I have not heard anything about new quests for higher level players yet. Are you still working on this? If so how much longer will it be? If not could you tell me why it is not going to happen?

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Hi Janice, we last added new quests in May 2015. Since then we haven't added more, but they are still coming. Primarily why it's taking so long is because we prioritized a number of more pressing issues that players are having, plus we are working on the mobile version of the game. Stay tuned.


I'm level 260, and haven't had a new quest in over a week. It's getting kind of boring, so I'll give it another week, and I'm going to stop playing. 

Hi Emily, you've been talking a bout adding more quests and catering for over a year.  Now it seems you're devoting some of the time fixing players issues and trying to develop a mobile platform.  You and I both kn ow that once you launch a mobile version  of the game, you'll have more player's issues to fix because there are so many different mobile devices.  I have three mobile devices and have no desire to play Cafeland on them.  I'm sure players who play on the computer will continue to have issues.  I am suspecting that computer issues and mobile issues will take a lot of your time and you will continue to put game improvements on the back burner.  Computer players are threatening to leave yet I don't see any comments from mobile device players threatening to leave if you don't come up with a mobile version.  Personally, I would like to see a variety of quests and catering.  Would prefer the weekly cooking quest to be 30 min or longer.  I don't do anything under 30 min because I have to constantly babysit the computer.  I love the 4-6 hr dishes.  I do hope that you will reconsider an d work on the quests before you introduce more problems with the mobile platform.  Thank you.