We're Adding More Quests

 Good news, advanced players! We're working on new quests for those of you above level 180. I'll keep you posted on when to expect them, and in the mean time, please reply with comments/suggestions/ideas about what kind of quests you'd like to play at those high levels!


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Hi Amy, thanks for your feedback. :) We are adding more quests to Cafeland which will be ready in 2-3 weeks. I hope you will like them!


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EMILY, when are the rest of Gramma Lou's quests going to be released? I think they should be for higher level only so you can work out some of the insanity, such as buy two specific floor tiles. If I already own a cafe full of those tiles, i either have to lay them all down, destroying my decor, or sell off the entire lot at half price, so I can buy the two for the quest!  If the new foods are released to higher level only....250+.... I have a whole list of improving the quests and challenging us. These quests don't work 'one size fits all'. We know there are at least nine more dishes to release....it would be great to see them done right!

Hi there,

They are every 5 levels, and there are 20 new dishes in total.

 The last series starts at level 125.

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Thanks Emily! Are the quests already complete in their tasks or is there time to send in some group suggestions?

They are complete for now! Thank you too!


I come here from time to time to see what is going on in cafeland, but apparently not many people use this forum. I do have a question about quests that I guess may or may not get answered. I am at level 1255 as of today 06/23/16 and usually level up at least once a day, not often but sometimes twice. The quests are a big part in helping me to do this. I have really enjoyed the new food quests, but only have 2 more food to go before I am done. What I would like to know is will there be any other quests after the 20 new foods have been obtained? If not for more food, is it possible there will be other different ones?

Hi there Janice,

The team is planning on adding more quests but it's still not decided whether we'll continue with food unlock quests or new decoration unlock quests. So, any suggestions are welcome!

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 Hi Janice,

We may add more food quests according to demand. Do you have any suggestions for new dishes you'd like to unlock through quests?

Thank you for dropping in.

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Thank you so much Leona and Emily for answering my questions. It really would not matter whether the new quests are for food or new decorations. I think either one would be wonderful.

Actually if you could keep the quests coming for quite some time to come I think doing quests for more food and decorations at different times would be super.

As for suggestions, I would like to give it some thought and at another time let you know if I can come up with anything.

Thanks so much again, Janice

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 yes please!!! like the granny or more dishes, really needed, some with movement like the CL birthdays and others which are beautiful...I'm waiting for this...

I would really like to see some new quests, please

I belong to four different Cafeland Groups and we are all active players, past the point of getting new challenges, except for the two untimed challenges with 12 steps, which most of us completed as quickly as we could just because we had something new to do!  The challenges are what most of us play for because that's what they are - a challenge - and anyone can cook dishes as they see fit, so there is no challenge or real interest there.  The only thing I would suggest for future untimed challenges is that perhaps you could have real dishes for the rewards instead of the ridiculous ones we got from the first two!!  Those dishes would make better floor decor!  Thank you.

How about the player who has passed on level 300...there were just 2 kind of quests only, so make feel totally bored