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Add Different Fashland Poses

We already know that we can choose from about three poses for Event pictures, and that during the Fashion Cup, our avatars move through the poses. They fluff their hair in nineties-model fashion, they hide their face behind their purse, and they wave.

This works when the picture is 'romantic picnic' or another fancy 'girly' scene. But I can't help thinking that watching a girl cover her face and giggle while dressed in her most butt-kicking GRRRL-power boots is... well, it's silly.

It's 2015, and everyone knows that women and girls can and have done incredible things. I won't go into the sociology 101 class that would call the poses our avatars go through 'misogynistic and demeaning to women,' because it is a fashion game about dressing up dolls, after all. 

We're not playing to promote women's rights the world over (although if the creators wanted to do something along those lines, like donate a portion of payment proceeds toward women's shelters or the Women's Health Fund, I know I for one would make more purchases).

But it sure would be nice if we could give our avatars just one more pose, something that isn't a classic 'submissive female' stance with legs crossed, weight off-balance, and face covered.

How about, for those rock-star-styled Fashion Cups and Events, we let our ladies show their rock star spirit with a very simple fist pump, or a similar pose appropriate to girls who rock?

Frankly, I've seen more girls pump a triumphant fist in the air (think of famous female athletes like Olympic Gymnasts) than I have seen girls posing with one hand behind their head. But if you don't believe me, it's not like Facebook isn't rife with photos to check.

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I love this idea. I'll run it by the developers!


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