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Tattoos and Shapes :)

You could add some tattoos in game :) and make more face shapes and nose shapes or even body shapes (why not) :D this would be cool :)

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I'd love  a bit more personality for the dolls too. Tattoos, facial features and body changes would be cool. I just don't know if the body type change is technically possible: the clothes size would need to change with it. I'd love it if we were given the Mila hair and facial features as a limited item. It could be a package: Mila's hairdo, eye shape and smile for say 20 diamonds?

I don't know if I like the idea of 20 diamonds for all of that. For a lot of the players that don't play with diamonds it could be seen as unfair. Why not just make each one a regular item and they each cost a certian amount of keys with maybe one of the features costing diamonds?

These games are a BUSINESS. If everything can be gotten without diamonds, we won't have a game to play anymore. No developers use money and man hours to keep up a game that doesn't make money. And do you think it'd be fair to those who DO buy diamonds, if they didn't get any special advantage of their money use, but that all those who don't use money could get the same items? I don't think so. That's how freemium games work: you can play without using money, but if you want the best stuff and fastest progress, you have to use money.

I've never cared for 'pay to win' games, There are those of us who love the game but in these tough times, can't afford to buy diamonds. Those of you who can, great. But I';m sorry, you shouldn't have an advantage over those of us who can't. 

Then why would anyone buy them? Seriously. As I said, these games are a business whether everyone likes it or not, and if there's no advantage to be gained by using money, there's no reason to use money. And that would lead to no one using money and that'd be the end of this game. The devs would just have to shut it down because otherwise they'd be losing money in keeping it going.

They wouldn't lose a ton of money, especially not when you already have to use diamonds for the hair colors, lip sticks, eyeshadows, eye colors, certian hair and lip styles. All the clothes and accessories that cost diamonds, all the "limited edition" items, the better looking wallpapers and tiles, the cooler wall and floor decorations... Tons of stuff as it is costs us diamonds. As you suggested the Mila body features, that costing diamonds would suck for the people who had to miss out on the Mila dress and shoes, which were both limited edition items, one of which even costed real cash. I added up all the stuff I have left to buy with Diamonds and I still have about 2000 diamonds to spend just unlocking clothes, eye colors, hair color and eyeshadows. This isn't including the $200+ I've spent on diamonds as it is. All I'm getting at is that we as players could use a break on some of the stuff that costs diamonds, and maybe this could be one of them

A sure way to lose players is to make it so that people who can afford to purchase diamonds are the ones who score the best and have a large advantage over the rest of us. Does anyone remember a little game called Sorority Life? It was a FB game that a lot of us had fun playing. And then they got greedy. They introduced a VIP option. For players who paid a monthly fee, they got exclusive clothing and accessories that were way nicer than anything available with regular, in-game currency. They also got a monthly allotment of the equivalent of Fashland's diamonds. Within a couple of months, the complaints had stacked deep. A few months later, the game was in trouble as thousands fled. Soon thereafter, it shut down totally. Most of the people who were left playing at that point were the pay-to-win folks.

Good gods, someone spent over $200 on Fashland? I wish I had that kind of disposable cash. I daresay the vast majority of players do not. Look, in real life he with the most money wins. It shouldn't be that way in games. I'm already seeing elements of pay-to-win in Fashland. As much as I love the game, if it gets much worse, I'll quit playing. I've been playing several times a day for well over a year and have spent maybe $10 in total. I live on a fixed income and can't afford to hand over the kind of cash you do. Isn't what they have enough? Sheesh.

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