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Give Keys For Voting in Fash Cup Regardless of Right/Wrong Vote

I submitted a ticket not too long ago, but I had hoped it would be public. Here was my suggestion:

"I was thinking it would be much more fun and more profitable for players if the voting process was done differently. Perhaps we could get keys after a certain number of votes rather than whether we guess the "right" outfit. This would promote more honest and representative voting and make voting much more enjoyable."

Someone from Fashland Support said the team would think about it, but I'd like to start a discussion to see what the players think.

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I think its a good idea but a horrible one at the same time. If we still earned keys if the vote was wrong, there would be a bunch of lazy voters who would just click the avatar on the one side until they get the keys they want. Which then might allow the players wear whatever for each theme, and the one's that actually dress for the theme might get the short end of the stick. We'd end up with a bunch of wacky outfits in the top instead ones that are unique each time that actually match the theme.

I'm going to agree with Alexandria, even though it sounds like a really good idea, it's not. 

I completely agree. Both my friends and I have admitted to often voting for horrible looks when needing key points. It's like the emperors new clothes: some look does well once, after that everyone votes it because they believe others like it, when in fact nobody likes it. I've often thought how different global lists and other results would be, if people really voted for what they LIKE.

Think about it, guys. How many times have you voted for say, an evening gown in a business or college campus theme just because you think others have chosen the "flashier" option?

Have you already voted for the Carnival costume in all sorts of unfitting themes, just because it's the new and cool thing and you know others likely have voted for it?

And Alexandria: Aren't the results crazy already? I don't think they could get much weirder. It must've happened to you too, that you and your friend or someone on the top10 lists have worn the exact same look, but gotten completely different scores. If the voting is realistic, how can that happen? In the college campus I last time wore all the exact same things (even hair etc.) as the nr2 on global list, but got a 71% score. When I got to global list in Golf resort a friend wore almost the exact same thing, she just had a different bag, and she scored a 78%. How's that for a fair vote.

It's just because luck plays too big a part already. How your doll does isn't up to your look alone, but also who happens to be voting for it, how many times it gets voted and mostly what it gets paired against. Some awful looks have gotten to global just by being really lucky with the pairings, and good looks can fail because they get so tough opponents or don't get paired into votes enough.

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