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Marco Quests and Slot/Bingo outfits

I posted this part earlier

"For the older players, why not give them bonus diamonds, hearts or keys for finishing that quest if they have the outfit? 

If not it would be cool if you added some of the clothes from Marco's quests to the chic list. Put the items in their respective categories (Evening, Country, Seasonal, etc) and whenever you click on the guest you have the option to win a piece not just hearts coins or keys."

Maybe the same thing could happen with the mini game outfits. I understand it may be "unfair" for the players that already have them, but for the players who started late and those who are active players but some how missed that event I think it could work. Considering its totally at random, we'd never know what we'd get?

If not that idea, could we have our own "fashion week" that allows us to buy some of these items? Preferably some with keys because whenever there's a limited product, all of us don't have pay days to buy it with diamonds ;)

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  1. What about a permanent slot with all the old quests and mini games outfits?It would not be unfair with anyone,nor with the new players nor with the older.If you guys do not fix this the game will always be unfair with everyone.

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That would be awesome. Or make it to where after we complete the mini slot game , if we continue to use the slots and land on presents, we get the outfit pieces we may have missed. If the user has the outfits already, then they could win a diamond instead? Anything because I can't afford 30 diamonds each time a dress comes out as a "limited item"

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Cheff Aria, it is unfair to old players, especially the ones who skipped parts in the quest with diamonds or the ones that bought the clothes with diamonds when the quest expired. 

I think the way they are bringing the dresses back is a good way because they still remain "special" to everyone, if they are brought back permanently, they will turn into a regular item and it won't feel special/wanted anymore. 

Maybe they could make a Slots game with the accessories only and have it for a limited time. 

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Well, the latest slots just cost a net total of 359 keys to win the whole outfit. The 26 keys I won along the way are little compensation for the time it will take me to recoup such a large quantity. That was more turns than the maximum required on the Bingo, and that costs less keys per turn.

I dont think its unfair to old players that other players have en opportunity to have what they have. This game shouldnt be about showing items that others dont have in every fashcup - but about making the best outfit! Actually then maybe we could have a much better game where players focus on making fashionable and beautiful outfits instead of as it is now where the rule is the more the better, and turns outfits into scarecrows to look at. 

We also have this major problem that its difficult to make looks where the colors match, simply because there isnt enough assessories, and designers havent been good enough to use colors that give opportunity to mix and match. So it would be great for the game to get all items into the game some way or another. 

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I agree with with the accessories idea... I am so sick of clicking on customers to only see that their outfits /accessories are from past quests/mini games!!!!! Talk about unfair!!!!! New players have no access to accessories unless you spend cash for something g everyone else got the chance to have for free!!!!! The bonus extra slots are a GREAT IDEA for giving new players an equal playing field!!!! Old players are complaining because they don't have any new quests or anything to work for....Ha the bonus slots would work for them also by giving the decorations and as new players advanced the would then have that option as well....seems quite Fair!!!!!!
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