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Weighted Votes so that Easy Opponents Don't Guarantee a Good Score

I've been thinking about the voting system that now tends to miss the big picture: getting easy opponents can get you a really good score with a not that good look and vice versa, because all the votes are counted to have the same value. Really, it's easy to get a vote with a bad opponent so the votes should mean more when they're gotten against a tough opponent.

Here's how it could go: keep everything else about the votes same, just add a feature that counts a value to each vote based on how well the opponent has scored in it's previous votes. If the opponent has a 50% score at that time, the voted one would get 0,5 points from that vote. If the opponent was tougher competition and had scored a 85% in it's earlier pairings, the look voted against it would get 0,85 points.

You wouldn't need to change the entire system, but the votes would lead to a more realistic result because it wouldn't be just about those 2 looks in the pair.

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yes. please do something.

That would at least make it a fair vote...I agree with this

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