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I've noticed that we haven't received any update notes since 2/18. Is it possible to keep posting them after each update like it used to be? I really like to be informed with what's happening with the game, like bug fixes and upcoming Marco quests and mini games. :)

I know these notes are posted to some Fashland group admins, but not every player belongs to these groups. Besides, some of us would rather get this type of news directly from the devs/forum mod than from a group. Thanks! 

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Hello Jenn,

I always post updates if we have them. Lately we have not released any updates or changes to the game but in the next release there will be notes posted. Although we usually update Fashland every two weeks we sometimes skip them and package them with a larger release.

Oh I see, for some weird reason I thought we were not going to get them anymore lol sorry about that, Emily! thanks thanks for your reply! :) 

Hi! Just want to ask, whenever there is an update on this Game... my gifts on Inbox lessen, i have 3000plus gifts but now its only 500 bec. Of that UPDATE, it happened to me 3 times already... this is the 1st time I'm raising my issue.
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