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Give Us More Expansion Areas

My town gets crowded so fast! I'm almost at the point where I can't find space to place anything else. Do you think we could get more expansions earlier on in the game?

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wow, no one even LIKED this suggestion that is over a year old....  well i have been playing over a year and I need more space.  currently the few expansion areas left are $400,000+ and 2 days to build. could eithet/both of those items be reduced 


Hey there!
I'll make sure this suggestion reaches the developers. Indeed more space is needed as the game progresses.

i agree.  i have opened all of my land and it would be nice to have more space.  supposedly we are supposed to decorate our town.  that's not very easy because it's so cramped.  some of us like to play around with town building but the available space isn't enough.


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