Apr 10, 2015 - Release Notes

Version 0.9.1



* Added PvP Feature with all it's components except Leaderboard.

* Added sound fx for enemies when they attack and die.

* Added tooltip information for Gun weapon type.

* Added element and level information for selected weapons in Power-Up screen.

* Added sound fx for winning 3 star in combat.

* Added game tips to the preloader screen.

* Added sale popup for Spiritstones in Academy Popup.

* Added new specialty icons for hero skills.

* Added Quests to level 18.

* Added Dialogues-story to Outer Sands (map 5).

* Updated sale popups for score items like gold, ruby, scrolls and more.

* Updated some of the sound fx.

* Updated visual of progress bars in Power-Up, Academy, Combat Win Screen, Adventure Map Screen.

* Updated city music.

* Updated combat AI to make it more intelligent.

* Updated tutorial arrows for changing the location of the Cabin.

* Updated the spinning boxes in Free Spin popups.

* Updated character expressions in dialogues/tutorial.

* Updated descriptions in tutorial.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed Weaponsmith Guide character positions in Tutorial.

* Fixed the issue of highlighting current map in Adventure Map Popup.

* Fixed quest task show me button for equip tasks.

* Fixed prologue crashes.

* Fixed quest task show me button for building stuff.

* Fixed stunned animation.

* Fixed tutorial black screen issue.

* Fixed camera issue after tutorial.

* Fixed the attack sound in combat.

* Fixed cursor issues in combat.

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