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Make this Curly Hairstyle a Keys Item

I really love the curly hairstyle costing 15 diamonds, but i can't afford since i accidentally use my diamonds in sort of things, i wish you could change the into keys instead of diamonds to buy it? for example 80 keys. Please? :) many of players, my neighbors love that hairstyle but some of uscan't afford :( 

-cto for the picture. 


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I love the key items, but I'd see a more working way around this in adding new, good hairstyles that are paid for with keys. It just wouldn't be fair to those who already have paid diamonds for the hair if suddenly everyone could get it with just in-game currency. The devs should put some more thought into the new hairstyles. The last 3 we got were just awful in both style and design. The hair you're talking about (often called Farrah hair) is pretty because it's so beautifully drawn in detail, but many of the new styles look like some 10-year old drew them.

add more types of hair same as the 'curly hairstyle costing 15 diamonds' which could be bought with keys.. :)


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