Apr 21, 2015 - Release Notes

Version 1.1.0


* Added Leaderboard feature.

* Enabled players to view a weapon's evolution steps through the button on the bottom left in Weaponsmith.

* Added Energy Warning sfx.

* Added progress bar sfx.

* Added new reward screen for Free Spin.

* Added profile pictures to Battle Log.

* Added stone walls to the sides of the screen in Tutorial.

* Added 1 more weapon to Basic Chest.

* Reduced Expand Area unlock levels.

* Reduced study costs.

* Reduced Library's 2nd subject to 2 hrs.

* Increased rewards for battles.

* Increased Crafting Rewards and made it easier to craft.

* Updated Key prices.

* Updated camera movement in Tutorial.

* Updated the preloader image.

* Updated Adventure Point Flag visuals.

* Updated Combat Exit popup.

* Updated some sfx.

* Updated Weaponsmith info section.

* Updated the visual of an Expand area.

* Updated the visual of Adventure Map's star progress bar.

* Updated the prices for speeding up stuff like construction, production and upgrade.

* Updated the prices for in-game currency packages.


Bug Fixes:

* Fixed "Recruit Jester" Tutorial.

* Fixed the issue with dialogue character not appearing.

* Fixed serial quest not appearing.

* Fixed crashes in the very first beginning of the game.

* Fixed the issue with Tutorial steps.

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