Apr 29, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added warning popups for PvP.

* Added earth guns.

* Added new quest task to collect [x] amount of weapons.

* Added quests till level 30.

* Added Power-Up button in Academy popup.

* Added cost to refreshing the list in Find Opponent in PvP.

* Added conditions to Tutorials to prevent players to get stuck.

* Added single reward popup for Adventure Star Rewards.

* Added single reward popup for Crafting recipes.

* Added cache control.

* Deactivated PvP Arena shield if the player attacks someone.

* Updated PvP battle ending to direct the player to Arena afterwards.

* Updated the duration of upgrading and building new stuff, and exploring new areas.

* Updated all hero levels (now shows the original level of a hero)

* Updated Free Spin box shine at the final stop.

* Updated skills for all the enemies and heroes.

* Updated the visual of PvP battle end popup.


Bug Fix

* Fixed the issue with air minions eyes.

* Fixed tiny enemy quest task icons.

* Fixed the issue with battle not ending correctly.

* Fixed Arena popup background masks.

* Fixed Arena revenge to be taken only once per person.

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