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Handheld items and more.

 I think it would be really amazing if we had more handheld items for certain themes.

Gift boxes (presents) for the birthday party. Different colored boa's. Purses, shoes, stockings and gloves that actually match some of the colors we already have. There are many things you could add as handheld goodies. A box of chocolates for the mansion rooms, an actual cup of coffee for the cafe and of course something that every doll needs. An IPHONE!

Hats! Okay let's be serious about the hats, please please make them to where they actually fit the 'dolls' head correctly. And the headbands, the ones that tie on the side, make the knot smaller so it doesn't look like they have an obscure growth sprouting out of their ear.

I have addressed this issue before but want to do so again, please please please can we get a purple eye pallet? And maybe some new nail polish colors.

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A poodle on a leash!


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a poodle (or any other animal) shouldn't be an accessory :/ if they decide to make some little pet maybe they can make a "pet" section. It would be cute to have one though! :)

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