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Divide up the MORE category

There's so many different kinds of options in the more category that it's become quite cluttered, which slows down the users experience during gameplay. I think you have enough variety of items of certain types to warrant them their own categories, and fleshing those categories that don't out would add a lot more depth to the game.

I suggest the addition of the following categories:

Scarves                 more than 10

Socks                    more than 30

Gloves                   more than 20

Glasses/masks      more than 30

Props/accesories    more than 20

now I know that the smallest category you have pages for is hats, and that you display 9 items per full page, so these categories would be small, but considering you plan on adding more to the game as it goes on, this can only simplify things at a stage where they are easier to organize and divide for the developers. Rather than waiting for it to be a huge mess. 

I'm a relatively new player, so my counts are not anywhere near what people who have been doing all the seasonal quests and bingo/slots would be. As such, I can only imagine what a mess their more category looks like. It's overwhelming enough that I often have to browse through multiple times to find a specific pair of gloves or the right fan. 

 Also, I would like to suggest a new sort option, which would be to sort by gems or keys, so that players who have no gems can filter out those options, and players who have aquired new gems can easily see what options they have. 

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I would love to see skirts and pants/shorts separated as well.


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I like this idea! I would also like to have sub categories in the shoes section, they could be heels, boots and flats/sandals.  A search button would be helpful too, so we can quickly search by name.

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