May 14, 2015 - Release Notes



* Added Friends Popup.

* Added Visit function.

* Added Invite function.

* Added Water Guns.

* Added Tournament Score for PvP Arena.

* Added animation to loading bar in loading screen.

* Weapon Axe can now weakens attack as well as reduces defense.

* Updated Weapon Rarity Stars, players can now see how far a weapon evolves just by looking at the stars.

* Updated Skill infoboxes to be bigger in Academy Popup.

* Updated Ruby Sale Popup.

* Updated element backgrounds for Heroes and Weapons.

* Updated Air element icon in Combat Gate.

* Updated combat skill effect fx, it won't appear in front of the numbers anymore.

* Updated the visual of health bars in Combat.

* Reduced elemental team combo effect.

* Adjusted enemy stats and power.


Bug Fix

* Fixed dropped items flying to correct places, ie. Gold drops go to Gold bar on the top left.

* Fixed city crash for ie 11, Windows 7.

* Fixed sticky infoboxes in a crowded city.

* Fixed Gun rotation in Evolve Popup.

* Fixed Skill animations playing in Victory message.

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