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Fash Cup Themes to include country of origin when applicable

You did recently add the title of the Fash Cup theme to the title:

 'WHO MATCHES THE THEME?"  Bosphorus View. 

Can you add the country of origin to the themes that are real places? I do realize that not all the themes are real places, but to those that are at least?

There have been request regarding voting changes, adding world locations, and anything else regarding the Fash Cup challenge(which i myself did suggest an idea), this would at least let your players know that you already have world locations and help them out in picking outfits. 

You already have peices labeled accordingly to fit some of the locations, but sometimes you just need to spell it out for your customer base, to help them out.

The voting process is quite boring and frustrating when a lot of players are just trashing their looks. It is not even challenging. 

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