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Try on Limited Edition items


I think we should be able to try the limited edition items on before buying them to see what they look like on our dolls and decide if we like them, like we can with the items in the regular dress up menu, especially since these items usually cost real money. While I've bought a couple of these limited edition items, there's also been a few I've passed on simply because I wasn't sure how they would look on my doll.

If for whatever reason this can't be done, could you at least have it shown on a doll (an actual doll, not the drawing of Mila) off to the side of the pop up, like you do with Marco and the mini games?

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Yes please!! I would also love to see how an item looks on my girl before I buy! I usually ask in the group I'm in if someone has bought it and if they can post a picture for me to see, but I'm sure there are a lot of players who do not belong in any groups and they probably pass on purchases because they cannot see how it looks.

I agree - some of us may be interested in buying an item but we don't know if any of our other items go with it.

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