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Add New Decorations

We keep getting quests where we have to spend money on new decorations, but it's always the same decorations. Please add some new ones.

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It has been a long time since we added new decorations to the game! If you have any suggestions, please post them here!

Is it true that you guys are looking for promotion stands and store decor ideas? How come there isn't a thread about it here? Anyway, I have a couple of suggestion :)

For stands:

  • Coffee stand or cart
  • Jewelry 
  • Shoe display, just not one of those ugly racks that stores put when shoes go on clearance, but more like a nicely arranged table or wall mounting.
  • Sunglasses stand
  • Purses display (on a table or wall mounting, similar to the shoes)

Store decor:

  • Mannequins, since the only ones available are through the chic lists, which are a bit hard to complete.
  • Wallpapers, preferably with some type of moulding. I like the "baby blue wallpaper" but would love to have in pink or in some neutral colors.
  • Floor that isn't shiny or wood floor
  • Carpet tiles
  • Area rugs, both squared and round and in different sizes! They could be white and fluffy or with some nice patterns.
  • Wall lights and wall chandeliers 
  • Paintings or pictures for the walls 
  • A table in which we can put decorations on top, like magazines or some cute flower vase
  • Tall windows and doors 
  • And I would love the "Pearls Footstool" in pink

That's all I can think of right now, if I think of any more I will post them! I have attached a few pictures so you can get and idea of what I have suggested! :)




Shoe stand:

Jewelry stand:

Bags stand:

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Wow Jenn, these are great. The team will love your suggestions! And yes it is true we are gathering idea for more decorations. I hope people can use this thread as a place to put their ideas.


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