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Confirm Button for Spending Diamonds to Skip Quests

I recently had the misfortune of the game glitching on me while completing one of the mini game quests by gloria. The task was to join the african sunset event 3 times. I joined it the first time no trouble, second time around instead of being able join , shoot and post the event, the game glitched and charged me 3 diamonds to "complete" the task.

To my horror there was no way to prevent this as there is no prompt to confirm I actually wanted to waste 3 diamonds on a task I could complete with three clicks!

I contacted customer service and was told 

"Hello Yar,

I've just checked your game history and as you said you've used 3 diamonds to complete a target of a quest.

I totally understand your frustration about this accidental spending but technically it's not possible to take back the quest you've already completed. If we manage the diamonds back to your account, the quest will be still completed and it will be unfair for the ones who completed by doing the task.

Please keep in mind that already purchased make up styles, color palettes, quests and tasks cannot be taken back, cannot be unlocked technically with a manual action. 

Thank you very much for your understanding .
Have a good day!

Kind Regards,


Gamegos Support

I don't see how it would be unfair to anyone else, this happened only to me and the task was not for marco, slots or mini game!

It was a task by gloria. If a prompt to confirm if players want to use diamonds to purchase task was present this would not have happened.

I urge tech support to implement one so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Diamonds are hard to come by and to be told I can't get my three back....I wouldn't wish that on another player.



Hi Yar,

A confirm warning is a great idea for this. It happens to lots of people and no one is ever refunded. We had a few players suggest this before, I will let you know the status on it.


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Hi Emily. 

Is there any progress in this? Its really urgent that we get this confirm button. 

I don't think they care to give us this confirm button. It has been more than 6 months and no replies or updates of any kind. I have noticed they are more focused on getting you to spend your money but not on suggestions to help you enjoy the game after you've given them your money.

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