June 22, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added Potions feature to be used in combat, unlocks at level 7 in Thornwood.

* Added Weapon Power Bar (rage meter).

* Added Gunnar to Friends Popup.

* Added Friendship chest to Mailbox.

* Added dialogues after unlocking hero skills.

* Added Potion Sale to the combat screen.

* Added Weapon information in the combat tooltips.

* Added new expressions for characters in Tutorial.

* Added Wallposts to leveling up, unlocking heroes & evolving weapons.

* Updated heroes default weapons.

* Updated weapon rewards for Adventure Chests.

* Updated level balance for weapons (easier to power-up but higher level weapons have less value as power-up materials)

* Updated Adventure Level difficulties due to removal of heroes' base stats.

* Updated Ruby button in Study Popup's to appear one second later.

* Updated Combat Lost Popup suggestions.

* Updated the Scroll bar in Power-Up Popup to be the same in top menu.

* Updated Spin Building rewards & reduced daily spin amount.

* Updated Building Upgrade popup to show current star of the building.

* Updated Revive feature so that the combat remembers whose turn it is.

* Removed Decoration Point from UI.

* Removed Heroes' base stats.

Bug Fix

* Fixed the issue with Friends Popup crash due to missing profile pics.

* Fixed the issue with timer not fitting in Study Popup.

* Fixed the issue with building star count in Demolish Popup.

* Fixed the issue with Revive Popup appearing after leaving the combat screen.

* Fixed the issue with skill effect icons position after rage happens.

* Fixed the issue with being able to click on the Mailbox during Tutorial.

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