June 30, 2015 - Release Notes

Version 1.7.0


* Added "Ask Energy" so that players can send each other Energy.

* Added sound effects for Potion usage.

* Added Weapon Power information to the infobox in combat.

* Added Weapon Power information to the Academy and Weaponsmith Popup.

* Added info tooltip for Chests in Shop.

* Added locked items in the Level Up Popup.

* Added notification to Mailbox.

* Added announcement tween for Weapon Power when it's ready and when it's used.

* Added PvP key reward for PvP battles.

* Added a crown icon for the heroes that fight in the Adventure.

* Added Potion info to the potion sale popup in combat.

* Changed the Potion icons for Power Charge and Power Drain.

* Changed the place of study subject's name and duration in Study Popup.

* Changed the color of the Loading Screen bar to blue.

* Changed the timers to show days too.

* Changed the default tab to Tournament in PvP Leaderboard Popup.

* Changed the button for Friendship Key in the Inventory to direct the player to the Mailbox.

* Changed the visual of Quest Complete! Popup.

* Changed the visual with Level Up Popup.

* Changed the calculation for Power-Up Scroll cost.

* Removed the Free Spin Count text as there is now 1 per 24 hours.

* Removed Adventure World Selection Popup.

* Decreased damage ratio (means longer fights).

Bug Fix

* Fixed the Wallpost icons for study quests.

* Fixed the issue with Potions getting stuck after battle if selected.

* Fixed the issue with Tutorial not starting because of prologue.

* Fixed the issue with Power Bar not filling after using Power Drain Potion.

* Fixed the power animation of the enemy's weapon in Autumn Groove.

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