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Anime Hairstyle Suggestions

Hi :)

Since we've got a Cosplay fashcup theme, I thought it would be nice to get some anime inspired hairstyles, eyes and some clothes!! I have attached a few pictures of what I would love to see in the game! Thanks! :)


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I know we have those eyeglasses, but I would rather get eyes like this instead! and if you could add a pastel color eye palette (like the fairytale colors) it would be great! :D



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Ooh! Yes, some Anime hair styles and clothes would be awesome! :D 

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Anime style clothes may sound complex to those not familiar with the genre. However; there are clothing styles that fall under the J-Pop [Japanese Pop-culture] theme. Many of the clothes are very elaborate in style, decoration as well as appearance.

If only I had a screen cap of that illustration Aimee-san drew of one of the dress up styles.

but not for diamonds !!! :D

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Oh c'mon this idea is AWESOME!!! 

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Anything with ribbons and fun prints. Lots of pinks and purples with some sky blue in the mix.


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Amazing hair ideas. New hair is always in the pipeline!


yes!!! love the idea! please make it happen!!!!


It would be great for Shibuya Nights 

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