July 29, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added 4 new maps to Adventure.

* Added 11 new heroes.

* Added new business and study buildings.

* Added a new building type to boost hero stats called Altars.

* Added Alterstones to upgrade Altar buildings.

* Added Altarstone drops to PvP Battle.

* Added level info for the locked heroes in Academy popup.

* Added item limits.

* Added ingredient drops to Battle.

* Added Potions tutorial to level 7 in Thornwood.

* Added Hard Mode to maps.

* Added Hard Mode Tutorial.

* Added 2 more upgrades to buildings making them 6 stars.

* Added birthday permission.

* Added a new building to outside area for Crafting.

* Added power info to the weapon tooltip.

* Added a warning about hero stats if weapon is not a good match for the hero or vice versa.

* Updated the Inventory popup removing crafting section.

* Updated the map to open up wherever the player last saw in the same session.

* Updated study building productions.

* Updated the expansion levels (lowered level requirements).

* Updated the heroes' default weapons.

* Changed the elemental distribution of enemies throughout the maps.

* Updated the difficulty of enemies in Adventure.

* Reduced the power up requirements for 3-4-5 star weapons.

* Increased the extra builder prices.

* Increased PvP shield duration to 30 mins (previously 3 mins)

Bug Fix

* Fixed the issue with crashing due to double clicking when battle ends.

* Fixed the diff logs of Honor Points.

* Fixed the current logs of Score items.

* Fixed the issue with building image quality in Shop popup.

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