Aug 13, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added Chest Store Building and Popup. 

* Added "PvP Team" button to set the defense/attack team for PvP.

* Added "Edit Team" button in Magebook to set Adventure Team.

* Added wallpost for 1st time a battle is won.

* Added "Ask Friendship Key".

* Added 4 new boss enemies for the last 4 maps.

* Changed elemental strength for Earth. Earth deals more damage to Earth now.

* Changed Send Gifts to all button to open Friend Select Popup.

* Optimized game file size for a faster loading screen.

* Removed the Exclamation Point from above heroes heads.

* Changed History data for adventure and weapons.

* Decreased first level expansion costs.

Bug Fix

* Fixed the issue with Battle Health Bar not showing the boosted value.

* Fixed the issue with Battle Exit crash.

* Fixed the issue with Auto Select not registering when animations are on.

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