Aug 26, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added Mission Portal feature.

* Added Hard Mode Level Won wallpost share.

* Added precautions against cheating.

* Added PvP Chest.

* Added enemy thumbnails to Edit Team popup in battle.

* Added skip function to prologue story.

* Added "Boss Defeated" popup when hard mode is complete.

* Updated power-up values of weapons.

* Updated heroes running speed in battle.

* Updated some battle animations to make them faster.

* Updated drop rates of weapons .

* Updated Crafting recipes and rewards.

* Updated city infobox UI.

* Updated Ruby Packs (for the benefit of the player).

* Updated Illusionist's look.

* Updated game UI to fit 740px.

* Updated combat flash quality to improve performance if fps drops.

* Updated heroes sword stance.

* Updated crafting & wish spin result animation to make it faster.

* Updated Adventure's setting icons.

* Updated bottom part in Mailbox popup. Players can now ask for keys instead of opening the chest.

* Updated changing the base weapon in Power-Up Screen.

* Updated the tutorial steps and dialogues to make them shorter.

* Improved the speed for loading the game.

* Removed x from the Ruby Offer Popup, ie. x250 -> 250

* Removed permission requests in Combat Tutorials.

Bug Fix

* Fixed the issue with male heroes' cheering animation when holding guns.

* Fixed the issue with directing players to Adventure Map through Academy.

* Fixed the issue with Level Up popup showing wrong buildings as "unlocked".

* Fixed the issue with missing decoration & city items.

* Fixed the issue with Equip Weapon tutorial.

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