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New ways to Spend coins

Fashland is a great game and I'm kinda addicted to it, but I'm kinda having a hard time earning diamonds and I know that I am not the only one who raise this kind of issue. So will you please give us some way to earn it? like we could spend our coins buying diamonds, since coins is usually used in purchasing items to renovate our fashion house, or to join the photo shoots and that's all. or you can also give us some diamonds at least 1 diamond when we level up in that way it could be easy for us to earn diamonds and purchase the items we want since MOST of the beautiful dresses, hairstyles, hair colors, and many more beautiful items could only be purchase by diamonds especially the new ones, and it is not easy to enter the Global Top 10. Will you give us your response regarding this matter, since some of the players get frustrated because even they want to buy THAT item badly, but they can't since it can be only purchase by diamonds. Thank you. ^_^

They'll never listen - we'll end up gathering over 1 billion coins and get booted off the game for "cheating". Once again, they've added new items to the make-up (new skin colours) and put a diamond price tag on them. I'm out of diamonds, having only used those won with tiaras. I still have just the one tiara left to win, so that will be 5 diamonds. Once they're spent, thats it. 

They care more about filling their pockets than they do about the players. Anyone who refuses/cannot buy diamonds is left in the gutter.

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This is the first game I've come across like this; not having multiple ways of earning special currency. And would skin color cost extra? It should be free along with hair color. Guess I was spoiled by a past game.

Hi there Mylyn,

FL is not really set up to take on any major changes like this currently. Thank you for the suggestion, though! We're just past that stage of development.


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