Sep 16, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added Mission Tutorial.

* Added Select Team Confirmation Popup.

* Added new heroes.

* Added City XP to Mission rewards.

* Added Portal Background to Mission Select Screen.

* Added Like Us Popup.

* Added Icons over Fixed (Main) Buildings.

* Added Quality settings to improve game performance.

* Added Award Item drops in combat session.

* Added new recipes to craft Evolve Gems.

* Updated default zoom.

* Updated Loading Screen.

* Updated Friends Popup Visit and Send Gift buttons.

* Updated Visit Action Limit Bar's behaviour.

* Updated weapons' power icon.

* Updated Auto-Select in combat so that heroes order is aligned with enemies.

* Updated Free Wish Spin intervals from daily to player's time.

* Updated Ruby Offer Screen.

* Updated the Mission Unlock level to 15.

* Updated the Decoration Mode exit button to tick mark.

* Updated the appearance of Knight.

* Updated fonts in city section.

* Implemented the chest tutorial to the new Chest Store popup.

* Removed Combat Win wallpost.

* Removed Crafting Complete Animation.

* Improved Combat Animations speed.

* Reduced damage for both enemies and heroes.

* Reduced Premium Wish Spin price.

Bug Fix: 

* Fixed the issue with Hero levels in Missions Popup.

* Fixed the issue with building names removing after visiting friends.

* Fixed the issue with mailbox messages disappearing.

* Fixed tutorial arrows due to the change in default zoom.

* Fixed Battle bugs.

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