Oct 07, 2015 - Release Notes


* Added a guidance mechanism to tell players what to do when they first lose a battle.

* Added building panels infoboxes to show what a building does.

* Added Crafting Building infobox icon.

* Added new hero; Charlatan.

* Added smoke for Weaponsmith's chimney.

* Added tabs for Crafting Popup to sort different type of items.

* Updated Friends popup to open the page where the player was on last.

* Updated "Open Chest" button in Power-Up screen to direct players to new Chest Store.

* Updated Weapon Collection Popup - revealed items design.

* Updated the size of chests in Chest Store Popup to make them bigger.

* Updated the color of study-in-progress in Study Buildings Popup.

* Updated options buttons clicked state and line up order.

* Removed Chest Section from Shop Popup.

* Removed the animation of Hero Won Screen in Tutorial to make it more quick and fluent.

Bug Fix:

* Fixed the issue with Auto Select calculations.

* Fixed the issue with Bloodmage's thumbnail image in Academy Popup.

* Fixed the issue with clicking on the Arena and not getting response for couple of seconds.

* Fixed the issue with infobox not updating after collecting energy from a fountain or increase capacity through Energy Storage.

* Fixed the issue with Hard Mode difficulty calculations.

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