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Locations/Town names

I see that you have changed the names on the towns lol

Since the game 1st started on FB I noted all the names down in a file for my cooking tale friends group [to help newbies mostly but was for all members] :)

[The last couple I had problems with my laptop..which then died on me so that's why they are blank']

Here is the list I had ...


*level 1~10 into 'Sugar fest' ~ 20 stars required

*level 11-25~into 'Taco town'~ 55 stars required

*level 26-40~into 'Veggie valley'~85 stars required

*level 41-55~into 'Octopus beach'~ 120 stars required

* level 56-70~into 'Berryland' ~ 140 stars required

*level 71-85~into 'Pizza tower' ~ 170 stars required

*level 86-100 ~ into 'Le Bistro' ~ 195 stars required

*level 101-115 - into 'Winter Wonderland'- 230 stars required

*level 116-130 ~ into 'Kebab Club' ~ 240 stars required

*level 131-145~into ' Food Fair' ~ 290 stars required

*level 146 -160~ into 'Sushi Bar' ~315 stars required

*level 161-175 ~into 'Tropicoco' ~350 stars required

*level 176-190 ~into ''Creamy Cone'' ~ 370 stars required

*level 191-205~into ''The Teapot'' ~450 stars required

*level 206-220~into ''Food fair 2'' ~ 510 stars required

*level 221-235~ into ''Curry Mahaz'' ~ 585 stars required

*level 236-250~into ''Crusty Bread''~615 stars required

*level 251-265..........-into - ? stars required

*level 266-280 -into '''

*level 281-295 - into ''Wok kong''- ? stars required

*level 296-310- into ''food fair 3'' - ? stars required

*level 311/325 - into ''Boo Kitchen'' - 775 stars required

[I really need to update this file but don't have the info]

So far , I've come to ''veggie valley'' on this mobile version which is now named ''green spoon''

Town 1> ''sugar bite '' > I like this name better than the original :)

Town 2> ''taco -loco '' >  or original ' taco town'.. either I like  :)

Town 3> ''green spoon'' > I preferred the original  ''veggie valley '' lol

And have U renamed all the towns ? or just a few here and there?

 Just thought I would mention this ..for fun ..and see what U guys and every1 else thinks  : )  for me personally I think the names are a huge part of the game xx

Thx  :)

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I had no idea some of the towns have been renamed! This is a question for Zoe for sure. Thank you for the feedback about the names, maybe I can obtain a list of all of them from the devs. And we can discuss it further :)

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Btw Jace I'm going to move this to the Cookingtale "Suggestions" section, hope you don't mind :)

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No problem Vivian :)

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