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cooking tale appliances TOO expensive

I find the upgraded appliances so early on in game too much /highly priced

From basic to green set .

its also a waste of coins .

Dare I / Can I suggest  that you get rid of the green set ..offer the red set at usual levels . in between use basic till then ..but adjust the speed on it to level. [ with what would be 'green set]. . but saves the player spending on worthless appliances .

Or offer the red set in place of green set.

theres too many ''sets''

And don't forget as soon as a player starts playing they are automatically bombarded with all these new ''patience''.   *required  items too to buy...the radio, gumball machine etc...

If you're looking at me as a brand new player ..never heard of this game before..and I'm thinking like that...the appliances are way too highly early in game.

I'd be ''ok this isn't fun,,, gotta find this amount for this appliance''  so early in game...

I'd want to just play and   say   ''yay!! Woohoo this is soo it ,need to play again as soon as! Omg its so relaxing and fun''

Just my thoughts.


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I agree

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Thanks a lot Jace and Montique, we will take this into consideration :) 

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I agree. Some games give cash as a reward for leveling up. Maybe you can give cash when players enter new gates. Just a thought.

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i agree with all of the others...either make it easier to get the green cash...or let us buy the updated appliances with the cash we are accumulating....i have lots of cash and nothing to spend it on...i love playing the game but i cant afford to spend real money on the green cash...thanks Dawn

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I said this when rating the game and judging by how long ago this was posted? And despite people agreeing with it, it still seems way out of reasonable ratios. I was trying to figure, if I was crazy enough to pay real money for the highest package available ($100!! Omg) it still would take doing that at least TWICE to purchase just the appliance upgrades ONCE. The most I've done, or would do, is the travelers pack, and now I'm noticing credits (The green money & boosters) just disappearing? Like for example, you'll play a level that excludes the boost for the far right option (can't remember what it is) then when that option is available again on another level.. it's reduced as if you used it too. Same with the green cash.. there one game.. come back later and it's just not? It's back to what you had the last game before. Which if you've purchased the travelers pack? Significant difference. Anyone else noticing this?

thanks for the post

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