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Retro Bathing Suit

Hi :)

I've noticed that the Retro Bathing Suit never does good at any of the pool or beach Fashcup themes, people usually get 3 tiaras wearing it! so I was wondering if you guys could please move it to another category (like casual) or make the retro category work with those themes. Thank you! :)

Retro doesn't work on those themes because of voters.  We know it doesn't vote well, we want our key, so we don't vote for it.  I always vote for the sailor and polka dot suit, but I go through a lot of hearts during voting lol.

You have to get creative with that one. Wore my suit to the Fashion Show and it did okay. Was thinking of those classic films that had the female leads dressed in attire similar to this one.



does ok at funfair too


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I know it does good at those events. Any category does good in Fashion Show or Fashion Photo shoot, and Retro does good at the Funfair. What I was saying is that it never does good at the beach/pool themes because the Retro category does not work with those themes. So I was suggesting to move to a category that does well in those events, like casual or maybe even seasonal.  

It might not matter much because most players are going to continue to vote in the manner they've been doing so they can get keys. If switching the category does change how the outfit is viewed then so be it; I just don't like judgement passing on a outfit based on a category especially when it can go with a variety of themes.

It's not about how the players vote, it's about the filters that were once added to the game to make us dress properly for each theme. That's the reason I suggested this. 

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