About Being a Tester

Why be a tester? You get to see the game before the rest of the general public. Helping us test the game makes the game better, and therefore creates a better playing experience for you and your friends. In addition, you'll have access to knowledge about gaming and development that can help you in other pursuits! But in general, testing is fun! Hunting for bugs and glitches and reporting a problem first can be challenging, but rewarding.

You can do a quick search
to find out if someone has already posted about your topic. In that case, a comment on their post will work fine. Note: please do not delete your own posts. The admins will remove any content that is not deemed suitable for the group.

Ideal testers are positive, polite and clear communicators. This is for the benefit of the developers, the other posters, and the moderators. We may remove a member we feel the member is not polite towards the other members and the admins.

Testing is a never-ending process.
Even after the game is released to the public, we need testers to help us identify and solve bugs that may occur in the game. It is especially important for testers to spread information to other players they may know after new features are added or a problem is occurring in the game.

Testers should be active and contribute to the testing process. Opinions of all group members are very important during this testing period. We may remove a member from this group if we feel they are not active enough. Being active means following topics, checking the forums frequently, and offering suggestions from time to time.

Materials you have access to are confidential
unless stated otherwise. If you are found to be sharing images, pictures, screenshots, or any other material about the games you are testing outside of this forum, you will be promptly removed.

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