Jan 20, 2016 - Release Notes


* Added Hero Catalog Popup.

* Added Ascension feature to unlock hero skills.

* Added Ascension tutorial.

* Added Orb drops to Dungeons to be used in Ascension.

* Added new Hero Stats.

* Added 4 more skills to Heroes (8 total skills)

* Added new skills; taunt, hero exp boost etc.

* Added skill upgrades using scrolls.

* Added class types for heroes; attacker, controller, supporter, tank

* Added Evolve Stars for Heroes.

* Added Hero Power to show a summary of Hero Stats.

* Added Hero EXP Elixir to instantly level up heroes.

* Added Hero Shards unique to each hero to rescue and evolve them.

* Added Where to Find popup to show where a needed item drops.

* Added Weapon Burst tutorial.

* Added waves to combat.

* Added running animation to heroes.

* Added Blue and Purple stars for weapons.

* Added traits (like the hero skills) to Blue and Purple star weapons.

* Added PvP Team tab in the PvP Popup to easily arrange pvp team.

* Added new enemies.

* Added a new popup to ask for Friend Permission.

* Added friend progress in the Monthly Dungeon.

* Added new tips popup on how to beat levels after losing a battle.

* Added Edit Friends button to be able to add and remove friends.

* Updated PvP Main Popup. 

* Updated the hero & enemy tooltip information box in battle.

* Updated Hero Profile Popup.

* Updated Weapon Power as Weapon Burst and it is now manually used by the player.

* Updated the Chest Store Popup design.

* Updated the tutorials to fit new features.

* Updated item drop animations in battle.

* Updated hero thumbnail boxes to show hero stars instead of hero levels.

* Removed Hero Upgrades using scrolls. (Removed Hero Level milestone limits)

* Disabled heroes to equip Power Cores.

Bug Fix

* Fixed the issue with the Norseman's leg.

* Fixed the issue with not removing people that aren't on Facebook anymore from the friend list.

* Fixed the issue with stunned character casting a new skill.

* Fixed the issue with speciality effect happening when the attacked target is eliminated.

* Fixed the issue with disappearing gun when male heroes celebrate the victory.

Hi Cathy,  Im already on it.  Im typing up a how to with exact details and instructions of how to approach your banks so your chargebacks go off without a hitch.  I will then send the information to them in a group im creating.  The other groups are dying fast now...we need to band together in hopes that the dev's will do some good here.  If not, then my communications/financial business degrees will come in handy for once since I paid a fortune for them lol.  I will try to do crowd control till we know for sure if the dev's are not willing to make any moves to rectify this and see what they have on the table.  I say we give them a week.  I will form the group and work on the info till then.  At which time after a week passes, and they wont play ball, i will just post the info to the groups and wherever else. 


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Okay, so it's now a totally different game. Will there be a tutorial on everything that just changed? I have NO idea what I'm doing. And I really don't like that before going to battle I can no longer hover over the enemy and find out what skills they have!

From what I can tell some of the changes seem pretty nice, BUT you just threw a HUGE bunch of stuff at us with no explanation on how it works. 

Just my thoughts on what I've seen so far..

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Hi Cathy, you can check the solutions page (help articles) for some more detailed information about the changes. But we will answer your questions here too if you have them.


i think more than explanations of how things work needs to be addressed every single person who has posted about this update is not happy.  what are the dev's plans to rectify this?


Hi Dixie, I know you're upset and I'm very sorry about that. Even though the changes have negative affects, a lot of the new stuff is really positive and good for players. It will take some getting used to but we firmly believe you'll enjoy the game even more once you get a feel for the new mechanics. Please let me know if you have an specific question about how it works or if you need any help at all.



That's true, there has been many changes and I really do understand why you might feel lost in the game. Plus, you experience a not so minor step back in the game. I'll do my best to help you get through this. Here are some tips that might help:

  • Since the world you've come so far will be harder to beat, why not start from the -let's say- 3rd World? You'll start collecting lots of Hero Shards and you need them to evolve your heroes.

  • Don't underestimate the power of hero classes. Tank heroes have really high health and they can defend the team as well as they can defend themselves. Attackers can deal more damage than other classes (give your best weapon to these heroes). You should have at least 1 Attacker in your team in my opinion. Others you can try and see :)

  • There are now blue and purple star weapons. You can convert your gold star weapons into blue and purples. An example how it works: You're powering up a 3-Star gold weapon. If you place 3-Star weapons to all 4 slots, there's a chance you'll get a Blue weapon, and if you're very lucky Purple weapon. It might not turn the first time. Keep trying. The star count should be the same with the weapon you're powering up.

  • Collect Orbs from the dungeons and Ascend heroes to unlock their skills. Since you're high level players, your heroes probably have skills unlocked anyway. What you can do is to upgrade their skills using scrolls. It will definitely help in the battle.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You have already a great progress in the game and these adjustments can easily make you confused. We're here to help!
ok but i keep doing the areas that they tell me to do to collect the shards to get new heroes and i keep getting only ones for the heroes i already have.   I want new heroes that i had been saving my spirit souls for.  What about the loss of our spirit souls that now can only be used to  make star gems that take forever to make one even?  Those keys dont drop alot.   Also, unlike an rpg where you can position tanks in front and casters in back to avoid damage, the tanks you refer to have no extra chance to get  hit because they are all in the same row.  In fact,  my tank doesnt get hit much when im  fighting...my weaker ones do and i die.  So how is it even worth it to put a tank in?  She is last to live and by the second wave dead because she cant do enough damage.  What made you guys decide to add waves anyway?  I mean what was the thought process here.  We now have to do 3 fights to achieve victory.  What do you plan on doing if your dev's crystal ball that tells them "they are sure we will have a better game experience"  is wrong?  What if after a month people are still angry or leaving?  I firmly believe that giving the players some sort of compensation for all the change we have been traumatized by in order.  Most of us have requested this in the community page.  In fact it is common and a courtesy to keep players happy in ANY game to comp them when a big update or change is made.  If not, it is rude.  Especially considering the huge losses we took in order to "achieve a better game experience."  I feel keeping walls up and refusing us this one honest request would be a major error on the dev's part. Please help us restore our faith.   Especially since so many of us have put real money into this game.  Some people are so angry; in the groups they are talking about placing chargebacks with their banks for the purchases they made with the claim that "falsely advertised purchase."  They can spin this easy with any good bank such as Chase, Bank of America etc, with the reason being they were spending to play the game that was advertised and to progress on their current items and heroes.  Now, after they have spent, their items they PAID for are gone or drastically changed.  All this can be proven with screen shots.  This is just something for the dev's or finance department of your company or consider also.  I think putting out a few fires at the moment by sending comp would be a wise move.  Ball....court...you get it.


First of all..Emily / Fulya...I just read the FAQ and it really isn't all that helpful. There needs to be a detailed explanation on ALL of the new features and how they work. Releasing an update and not having that information in place, is, in my honest opinion, moronic and negligent of a company that is trying to keep the players it has as well as lure in new people.

I'm already reading replies where we are being told to replay earlier levels to get shards. Well I replayed quite a bit yesterday..and got just ONE that I needed..seriously? Do the developers actually think it's okay to let us sit where we are in the game, without progress for the next six months, or however long it might take to actually get 30 shards?? Someone else mentioned resetting the worlds that we have completed so that we may at least achieve the goals again. I think that is a must!  Right now, it's impossible to really get any of the items needed, otherwise. 

Thankfully I cashed in 600 spirit stones last week. otherwise I would be hunting down your developers actual physical location and knocking on their door! An In-Game notice should have been sent out advising players to cash in their stones and upgrade an heros that were ready before the changes were made. Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE that you would treat players that way. I've played many a game via Facebook and I've never seen players treated so unconscionable as what I've witnessed in the past 24 hours. 

I'm a paying player. I just looked up my history. I've spent over $330 on this game in the past 6 months. I've quite interested in Dixie's comment about contacting our banks about placing chargebacks. I will certainly be looking into that further as if I can get my money back, I will gladly walk away from the game and move on. I will also stop playing the other Gamegos games that I currently play, as I'm sure they will eventually be screwed up as well. Yes, I'm angry. Doing a major overhaul on a game without warning and without considering the players that actually got you where you are, is just wrong. Ignoring the posts in Magetale Community is also wrong. The lack of a presence there is cowardly at best. 

If the developers have ANY kind of decency and any hope of holding onto their players, the need to act quickly. Either roll back the update and then survey the players and see what they liked or didn't like, and make some changes to help balance it all out. I realize the game needed to have more challenges and better ways to move forward, but what was rolled out is insanely hard and basically a completely different game. Bring back the Healing weapons that so many of us worked so hard for. Let us know what skills our enemies have when going into battle so that we can better prepare ourselves. Reset the completed worlds so that we can gather the rewards again. Explain the new skills...what the heck is Taunting??? or Dodge Breaker, Or Low Intellect? What happened to Casting? Why the burst? Why not just let their powers activate the way they always did? It was part of the strategy to know when their super power would kick in.  Why three waves to clear a level? Why not just add more worlds?? When looking up the Hero's why have them in some random order? It was much easier in the old view to see them in descending order by level. I don't mind them all being on one screen, but I would def prefer the order remain by level, highest to lowest. Not being able to get orbs without working the higher chamber level's is also a crappy move. I played the hard levels yesterday...got one whole orb....at this rate I guess maybe  I'll have enough by summer? I hate to say the game sucks now...but the game kinda sucks now!

I really hope someone is reading and listening to what we are saying.

My last words of advice...

Talk to your players. Listen to your players, they are, after all, what makes the game thrive.

Hi again!

We totally understand your need to be compensated. As we said in an earlier post, these changes were necessary for the game for several reasons. The game mechanics needed to be changed, and although we knew it would affect your games, we sincerely feel the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Could those of you reading these posts please submit a ticket via Contact Us below the game? We are happy to address your needs individually but we need a bit more information from you before we can do so. Thank you so much for voicing your concerns, and for your dedication to the game.


I have weapons at full level gold star I can not upgrade these so will never get blue/purple star weapons for these. So I now have 1 x 6 star weapon that I can not convert and was a waste of real money

yea alot is changed and much for the worst.  My progress has literally been set back.  I can no longer heal...all the work i put in the healing weapons is gone...my hero spirit stones are gone i had a ton.   The mobs are harder because they can heal and I cant. The update has ruined everything for me here.


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