Jan 21, 2016 - Compensation for Game Changes

Some of you are unhappy about the changes - we heard you!

We'd like to extend our apologies for delivering updates that you didn't love. Our intent is always to make the game better for everyone, and although the new mechanics may seem to hurt your progress, we assure you that they will help the game become far more balanced, exciting, and fun to play. We admit that these changes were geared toward new, first-time players. Therefore we are happy to offer some compensation to our loyal players who had goals in mind.

This is a chance to exchange your existing Spiritstones for one type of Hero Shard of your choice.
Please submit a ticket letting us know how many Spiritstones you would like to exchange and which type of Hero Shard you'd like to get instead. Don't forget that Spiritstones can also be used for Crafting now.

This offer expires Monday, January 24th at 7pm EST. Please get back to us before then so we can make the trade. Thank you so much for your loyalty and love of the game!

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