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Chamber Limitations

If Hero's need to collect items via the Chambers in order to Ascend, the I would suggest keeping them open every day. On Friday, Saturday & Sunday players are unable to access any chamber that will drop Orbs. Some of my heroes seem to have skills that I can only access via Ascension, so not enabling me to actually try for the items 3 Days of the week is ridiculous!

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Hi Cathy, thanks for your comments. We will discuss it with the team and make changes if necessary. Thanks again!



Why is this marked as implemented? I can still only access, say the Water Chamber one day a week, Air Chamber one day a week, and so on. It's Friday and once again there is no access to Orbs for the next three days. Three days with absolutely NO chance at Orbs...

What I said above was to allow access to the Chamber everyday....We should be able to chose from Fire, Water, Air & Earth 7 Days a week.

Thank you!

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Sorry Cathy! I don't know how that happened. I do know that this is a possibility for the future though. Thank you :)


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