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Study Buildings Should Produce Less Scrolls, More Items

When I started playing, the goals of the game were: gather spirit stones, gather gems, and create scrolls.  The first two goals were random drops, so you had little control over this.  So I would say that the primary goal of the game was to create scrolls.

I used 95% of my scrolls to level up my heroes.  That is no longer needed.  And while we still need scrolls for weapons and for skills, the number of scrolls that you need is greatly reduced.  I've created nearly 2,000,000 extra in the last week even after improving all of my skills.

So I think there is a problem in that half of my village is used to create scrolls, and there is much less need for them.

My suggestion is that the "study buildings" make fewer scrolls and instead give you some additional items.  Much like some give you keys or gems.  I think that keys and gems are excellent items, as they drive the crafting economy.  Or shards still seem hard to come by, perhaps higher level buildings could randomly drop shards.  I'm just looking for a reason to have all of those buildings still in the game.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you so much, you might be right about that. Scrolls used to be one of the main resources. It is still pretty important, but if there's an abundance of it we should definitely do something. I'm telling the developer team about this suggestion. I'm sure they'll think about it and decide something ^^

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