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idea? jejeje

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your designs are beautiful!! and I love the hairstyles too! :)

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 Just a reminder to keep the conversation in English, please :)

I'd really love to have some spring floral dresses in nice colors.

We need hats. Hats that fit in size and in different colors. The model in my picture would be great. Different colors would completely change the style of the hat.

I would also like headwear like a scarf (picture) or a big flower.


Also I wish for more scarfs. The ones we've got - most of them a boring and too small. I really like "Soft wind scarf". Would like some in that style though bigger so that they would cover one shoulder.

...And sometime maybe a bridal veil like the one in my picture. Notice that a second possibility with this is to make it in strong colors, and it would be good for some traditionel themes.

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