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Buy Shards With Spiritstones Marketplace

you should add abit where we can buy shards with spirit stones say 1 star person 1 shard = 25 spirit stones up to 4 star person  1 shard = 100 spirit stones

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Hi Keith, it's a nice idea. However, the game doesn't drop as many Spiritstones are before (Shards are much more common), so you may find that you don't need this feature.


I would have to agree with Keith.

Two weeks ago I had 0 spirit stones.  I use spirit stones to upgrade my gems every chance that I get.  And yet today, I still have an additional 350 spirit stones that I can't do anything with.  So coming up with an additional reason to use them makes a lot of sense.

The larger issue, in my opinion, is that the crafting needs some updates.  Crafting is a cool feature, but there are still multiple items being dropped by the buildings that are not being used anywhere in the crafting recipes, and still some balance issues such as Keith points out.

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Emily, I am getting Spiritstones almost every battle.  Shard, not so much. 

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I agree that the crafting needs updates. Like using the alter stones for crafting materials for star gems.

i have hundreds of useless spirit stones.  i don't craft evolve gems with them because i purchase my evolve gems on the ship.  why would i waste bronze/silver/gold keys on crafting something?  so to me, the spirit stones are totally useless.

we have talked about it in the chat.  a great many of us would like to see the ability to trade spirit stones for shards, scrolls, gold, useful items on the ship.  that would give the spirit stones some value then.


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