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Add New Levels to PVP Arena

I'd really like to see another level or two added to the PVP. The top one is for 6000+, which seems to be a lot of the same players over and over again. It was more fun in the lower levels as you would encounter different players on the way and it also made it more interesting to have the goal of climbing the the next level.

Just a thought..:)

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Thanks for the great idea, Cathy! We will consider it!


absolutely the PvP needs more levels or other ways of choosing who you fight.  you zooooom through the lower levels and then you are in the top level with all the top; players.  at the moment, people do what they can to NOT move up levels in the PvP.  keeping your honor low gives you the ability to fight better battles and earn more red scrolls.  keeping your honor high penalizes you when you fight.  hardly any red scrolls once you reach the top level.  battles are WAAAAAY too long.  i only battle in the PvP to get alter stones and red scrolls.  i could care less what my honor is as having a 'high' honor brings me no benefits at all.

i have never liked the PvP much.  i only participate to get the alter stones.  but since i have finished all of my land and building upgrades, am almost finished with getting 3 stars in the adventures in the last world ... what more really is there to do but to level up my heroes?  the game is losing my interest because the PvP is so darn boring.


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