Feb 11, 2016 - Release Notes


- Changed UI and bitmap fonts

- Added Chest and Monthly Dungeon rewards into "Where to Find Popup"

- Added Shard rewards of high star heroes to premium chests

- Added Attack, Defense and Health stats to Hero stats tab

- Updated stat names

- Updated Hero ascension tab design

- Updated some chest contents and descriptions

- Added hero jubilation animation  to combat complete sequence

- Changed first level energy costs and rewards

- Changed energy generators' production rate

- Daily dungeon duration shows days and hours only

- Special event image changed in dungeon popup



- Fixed an issue with rifle splash when the targeted enemy died the rest didn't receive splash damage

- Fixed PvP Team Power display and refresh issues

- Fixed an issue with combat dialogues appearing in the Pvp Arena

- Fixed the old header font in inventory popup

- Fixed the issue with the quest order

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