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Combat Balance

The damage formula was updated two weeks ago, and I think that it breaks the balance of the combat.  It used to be possible to have a battle that lasted 10 rounds, now if you haven't killed everything in 2 rounds, you are most likely dead.

SUGGESTION: lower the combat bonus that was used to speed up combats.  It now seems to be in the x2.1 to x2.5 range of the original attack power.

1) Attack is now everything.  That makes defense and HP much less important.  You would think that an attack of 2000 vs a defense of 2000 would be a good battle, but instead the attack x2.5 and x2 for a crit still can deal 10000 damage.

SUGGESTION: For a crit add the original ATK rating again, rather than multiplying everything by 2.  2000 Attack normally does ~5000 damage, make a crit do ~7000  (5000+2000) damage instead of ~10000 damage (5000x2).

2) This makes the "medium chance of doing X" skills almost useless.  When there were 10 chances for it to go off, you would get a couple of those in a battle.  Now it is random whether they get used at all and the results of a battle are completely random.  Running the same combat twice, I might heal my tank and get 3 stars, or I might not heal at all and everyone dies.

SUGGESTION: If the battles are going to continue to be 2 rounds or less, change all the active skills to passive skills.  For example, heal X damage every round rather than giving a medium chance of of healing.  Or lower enemy attacks by X every round instead of a medium chance of lowering

3) The combination of 1) and 2) means the only team you can run and be successful is all Attackers.  If you can kill everything before it gets a turn then you win.  If you attempt to use Controllers or Support characters, their skills may never happen during the course of the battle and they die in one hit from the damage the opponents do.

4) The "power ratings" are completely wrong.  My 16000 power tank will easily die to a 8000 power monster because I have HP and they have ATK.  When they crit for 10000 damage a round, the tank doesn't last long enough to get in hits.

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Your idea is pretty good. But I think the tank heroes are really important. Once my tank hero (beast) defeated 3 enemies in the last wave. Sound like magic, and magic just happened once. And if you build a team of attack heroes and every enemies have evading and reflecting skill, you still lose.

These are my suggestions I wrote not long ago

1, Let the players choose the skill they want in battle. The skills can be activated like weapons or depend on luck. I think this makes a lot of sense than let the game drop randomly. 

For example: the taunting effect, the one I love the second (the first is crit), love to appear continuously when only the tank heroes left. This is pointless, you know, And in your case, I think the healing effect didn't do what it supposed to do, mine too.

2, I agree with you that "medium chance of doing something" is useless. I love the way it was before, just low, medium and high. 

3, I desperately hope that the enemies show all they got: the class, the attack/defense/health stat and the skills. In 3-wave battle, enemies show their class and stat at the first wave, well, I can guess at some points. But the second and the third, all we got is health stat, it is harder to make a strategy. Then if we want to win, we must have the team of 3 attacker, the worst chance is like I said before, though.

4, The power system biases the tank. Tank>Attack>Control>Support. I don't have any experience with Controller and Supporter because they are not strong enough. 

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Hi Michael,
Your first idea has been addressed since the new update. The developers too realized that the game was relying too much on the attack stat. Have you noticed and positive/negative changes since the update?

What about power ratings, do you find them to be more accurate now? I'll mark your idea "incorporated" for the time being.

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Your thought is quite great. Be that as it may, I think the tank saints are extremely significant. When my tank legend (mammoth) crushed 3 foes in the last wave. Sound like enchantment, and enchantment simply happened once. What's more, on the off chance that you manufacture a group of assault legends and each foe have dodging and reflecting aptitude, regardless you lose.You can check my profile to see more.

Does Magetale relaunch? Where can I find and play the game?

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