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Change Tutorial

I wish that you would make a new introduction to new players for more reasons:

- New players must enter fash cup at an early stage without being dressed for the occasion. Its really annoying having to vote between more new dolls terribly looking than between dolls dressed for the occasion. 

- New players dont get the right understanding of how the game works.

You need to show that...

1) You deliver clothes to clients in order to get coins

2) You need to get coins in order to participate in events to get heartbeats

3) You need heartbeats in order to vote to get keys

4) You need keys to buy clothes in order to dress for fash cup

Being let through these steps, passing showing the fash cup theme that is open for entering at the time, to the shop - then they will be ready to enter fash cup.

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We also need a new button: NON of the dolls are appropriate to the theme - PLEASE! (And using this could count zero in using heartbeats and getting keys)

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A new tutorial sounds interesting or at least a help guide that can be accessed at any given time during gameplay. A NONE button would be nice but then they will also have to implement a way to keep the non-appropriate dolls from getting seen more by other players. 

You have a point there Topaz Blu. I meet players - not new ones - that dont do Marco's quest, because they never really noticed him, thought they would need diamonds to do it or... Maybe more dialogue boxes when we open the game especially when Marco shows up or if there is a new limited offer would be good

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