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Shard and Orb Wishing Wells

How about creating shard and orb upgradeable wishing wells?  Even if we could only use them once or twice a day at least we knew we were going to get one or two orbs and shards a day.  The way it is now you can use up all your energy and not get any.  Also to upgrade them to gain better shards and orbs you can use the scrolls.  You could make it cost in the millions of scrolls because they are pretty useless right now.

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Amazing idea! Thank you for the suggestion. We will add it to our list of ideas for the team to consider.


Great idea.  I think we also could put shards, spiritstones and 5 and 6 star gems in the wishing wells and mystic turns.  I have enough 3 star gems.  that is not even a gift.

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