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Altar stones as Crafting Material

How many people think it would be get to use the alter stones we from the dungeons everyday as crafting material for 4, 5 and 6 star gems?

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It's a big No from me. I barely get enough Altar Stone for upgrading Altar.

I'm with Leny on this one...I still need TONS of Alter Stones to upgrade my Altars. However, if you were to add an additional line to using stones for crafting, leaving the option to craft gems as they are now, along with a new option. I would be okay with that. Does that make sense? So 4-Star gems would have the existing craft mix and on another line, or page, the new craft mix.

Just my thoughts:)

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I have hundreds of stones and I only use a fire health altar. Because I don't have enough space for all 16 alters. So I looking for a way to get more 4 and 5 star gems faster upgrade my weapons. 

I agree we shouldn't change how we craft the altar stones themselves. Just use the stones we craft in a different way.

yes, definitely for me.... I have 400+ blue and purple and 600+ green and red  altar stones and I need of a way to get bookoo 5 star gems 

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