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Orbs - Either need a makeover or other ways to obtain them

Okay, so much like the suggesting I made for changing Shards to be element based, as opposed to Hero based, I think the Orb system needs a makeover. I made a list of all of the different Orbs for each element and how many I've actually obtained since the game changed over, which will be a month ago tomorrow, I think. Unless I missed some there are a total of 30 types of Orbs. For the majority of those you need a minimum of 5 of one kind, but normally it seems to be 20-25 upwards to 50. In order to Ascend, and looking through the requirements  I will need a minimum of 30 total ( 5 each from two and 10 & 15 from the other two elements/chambers). As of now I have roughly 82 Orbs in total. Most of that breaks down to 2 or 3 or one kind with a few that I have 8 or below on and some that I haven't received any of yet.  That's in almost 30 days of play. Yesterday I received 4 that I know of ( I didn't' start keeping track until mid-day) Now I can't try again for Earth Orbs until next Thursday. This is bad. I also realized yesterday, that I can't unlock new skills until I ascend the previous one. This is also bad - really, really bad. Without new skills I can't beat the stronger monsters. and I can't progress. 

Based on my calculations, It will be least another 30 - 45 days before I get the right combo of Orbs in order to ascend just one Hero. Once I've done that, I have to start over again, as many of them need the same Orbs or some combo of the same Orbs. 

Do you see the problem here? So here are some ideas:

1 - Cut back on how many different types of Orbs there are for each Element. 4 of each would make things more fair I believe. 

2 - Add Orbs to the prizes in the Wishing Well & the Mystic Spin. I constantly get Brass Keys, Gold & Scrolls when spinning. I don't need those anymore. I realized others do, but the whee's need to be more balance in the payouts. 

3 - Allow us to purchase Orbs with Rubies, much like Evolve Gems

$ - As I mentioned in a previous suggestion make Fire, Water, Air & Earth Chambers accessible every day of the week instead of just one. 

5 - Add Orbs to the Crafting area. Have items needed to craft Orbs drop from Studying or PvP battles. 

I'm mostly bothered by the fact that I worked to get my Hero's up to new levels and still can't unlock the skills that come with it, nor will I be able to for the foreseeable future. 

So again, please pass this on the the "Team". Hopefully something can be done sooner, rather than later as It's getting very boring playing the same worlds over and over and over again. Now I just pick a level, hit Auto-Fight and walk away, hoping that I'll have gotten at least a Shard when I get back.


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Thanks for your ideas and thoughts, Cathy. I will thoroughly review them and pass them on to the relevant developers. :)


Hi Cathy,

Just wondering if since the new update you have noticed any increase in the amount of Orbs that are being dropped. I also love the idea of adding them to the spin games, and have passed it on.


Hi Emily,

Honestly no. I played the Earth Chamber yesterday and I think I obtained approx 4 Orbs for the entire day of play. Of those 4 I think two were Orbs of Beauty and the other two were 1 each of some other kind. I still predict that I will not be able to ascend just one hero for at least 8-12 months, at these rates...and then I will need to start all over as once I use the Orbs I will have none left to ascend any of my other hereo's that need common Orbs. Since I can't ascend, I can't unlock skills and I can't progress. 

This is why I"m about to just quit the game. Whereas I don't mind spending money on it, I don't like that monies were spent in the last few months to upgrade things that are no longer of any value. Or at least not of the value that they should be for $50, $100, etc..

Thank you for your efforts though.

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