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Stop Subtracting from Looks

Hi ;)

We see again and again that inappropriate looks make the highscore.

You write that you subtract score from looks wearing inappropriate clothes, but frankly the system is not doing a very good job.

Instead looks that are actually appropriate rate poorly, only because players are using their creativity and mixing from different categories. E.g. bridal category contains clothes items that would be fine in other than bridal theme.

My suggestion is that you stop subtracting as it doesnt catch the inappropriate looks anyway.


 We have already stopped doing that for the most part, I will have our devs remove it from the FAQ. :)

Hi Emily.

With the acceptance of a FL friend and member of Fashland Fairplay Community, Bagatelles, I'd like to share our conversation about the problems in the voting system as we experience it. Notice that in the look on the picture a top from bridal category has been used. This is one of the items in bridal category which works fine in different non-bridal looks.

(113 KB)

Can we get a list of still bugged categories in the different themes please?  

(41.8 KB)
Hi Liva, what do you mean by bugged? Do you mean a list of all of the present scoring?

Unfortunately that would not be possible, as the scores are adjusted by voter trends. It's constantly changing according to how players vote.

I want to emphasize here that the voting has gone through many stages of development. The vast majority of players believe Fash Cup is better than it has ever been, and unless a lot of players start writing into us (old and new), we aren't expecting to make heavy changes anytime soon. Older players will remember that before the current system was introduced, the same looks would win over and over in every contest.

By the way, we looked over with the team the winner you first posted about for the Mayan Ruins... why do you feel that look is not appropriate? It's a Brazilian carnival look inspired by tribal wear. Players voted for it so the majority must believe it fits, and we encourage creativity.

Everyone has their own unique taste.

We would just like a list of clothes categories which in use in the different themes will cause deduction in actual score, so that we can tell our members to not use clothes from a category when we present the theme.

And yes I dont think that a Brazilian carnival costume has any relevance to Mayan Ruins - I dontknow why you think that? But things are much easier to accept when we know of them. Thats why we would like that list.

I dont want to be a grumble head. I wont be if you just tell us how the game works.

Hi Liva, I understand your point of view.

However, all the details we can give are already listed in the FAQ - All About Fash Cup. As is written there, if there are any more details from the devs it could negatively affect the voting, to the point where all creativity and variety is lost. We have worked too hard to achieve the variety in the game, while maintaining it as a vote driven contest, to go back now. If you read that article carefully you will find there is absolutely no reason to get info from us - the voters, and only the voters, decide the results.


ok its understandable

Uh, Emily... Creativity and variety is already gone with the increase of repeat outfits and clothing items. It would be nice if the Fash Cup voting results made more sense. Just viewed Top 10 Office Style and some how a character made it to the Top 10 while having a gun, clearly for Wild West and Country theme, as an accessory.

Hey Topaz,

Yes, sometimes things like that do slip by. There are no restrictions since we want voters to have more freedom. The real curiosity is who votes for that?? :(


The only thing I agree with this thread is that some clothes should be moved to different categories as they seem to match other themes better. An example is that cute white top from the bridal section, no one votes for it in the actual bridal theme because people prefer the big fluffy dresses, but it would look cute in other themes and people might actually vote for it. Same goes for the candy pink dress and maybe the bridesmaid dress, both would look cute at the prom or at the rooftop bar/club.

The retro bathing suit should be removed from Retro as it ALWAYS scores 3 tiaras when used in the pool, yacht and the beach, those are the only themes in which it actually matches, but because retro is filtered out it always does bad. It does not match where retro works, like movie set, park guell, etc.

One of my main gripes is that as voters and players we are obsessed with matching the style groups to themes.  So that even if an outfit matches a theme, if it is not part of a Style that players feel fit the theme it will not get voted well.  That is also why you see Asian styled and and Mexican outfits in Middle Eastern settings, because the clothing falls under Traditional, even though it doesn't really make sense for the setting.  That is also why some of the limited sale iitems, and Marco quest clothes do not vote well, because they are "Seasonal"  and many voters will not vote for seasonal unless it is a theme, that is known to use the Seasonal style.  As examples the new Bridal outfit, and the Retro swimsuit.  For the Wedding Aisle theme Fantasy and Bridal styles are the only one that vote well.  And the Retro Swim suit.

I'm not really sure what a solution for this would be, other than perhaps as Jenn posted earlier reorgnaize some of the items into better suited Styles.

@Susan There's a possible solution but a lot of players won't like it. At the moment outside of purchasing, FashCup voting is the only way to obtain a large sum of keys. Players have been trained to go for outfits that will register positively so that they can get consistent opportunities for earning a key back to back.

Since that's not going to happen any time soon we'll have to make do with what we got. So far to date, I have only seen one FashCup with diverse outfits in the Top 10 without variations: Dance Competition.

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