March 23, 2016 - Release Notes

Release Notes - v.1.7


    Hero animation after equipping weapon
    More explanation about game units
    Showing 5 quest buttons in the game screen
    Slight change in the city background
    Hero rescue animation changed
    Specialty effect: Damage Absorb
    Chest sale with currency
    New offer packs
    UI changes
    Chest store color change
    Guaranteed reward changes in chests
    Dust effect for heroes when they start running
    Enemy stats change at the start of the game

Increased chance of earning more Shards and Evolve Gems
Energy renewal time reduced to 1 min
Increased PvP Arena rewards
Chance of winning 7-star weapons from Legendary Chests
Reduced costs for crafting Evolve Gems
Hero level now increases the attack and defense power
Increased base stats for heroes
Increased base stats for weapons
Increased Key and Energy rewards at the spin gameEnemy stats decreased

Bug Fixes:

    BUG FIX: Incorrect combat turn
    BUG FIX: Auto enemy refresh and Gold loss in PvP Arena

Happy playing!

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Hello it's perfect to see some amazing update i like it really good job  thank you,  but maybe there is some bugs with heroes damge.


Ummmm..why are my fully evolved Blue 5 Star weapons the same strength as a level 1 four star?? This can't be right. My heroe's have all lost massive health stats as well.....


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Hi Cathy,

It may have to do with which hero has that weapon equipped. Are your heroes evolved? What level are they? Try switching the weapons around to different heroes and see if it makes any difference. Let me know what you find out :)


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